Italian Feast

What I love about Italian cooking is the simplicity.  You take two or three ingredients – put them together and WOW!  I learned most of what I know from my good friend Emys mother Cristina Siano in Milan.  She speaks no English and I speak very little Italian so we communicated through food.  We had lots of fun in the Supermarket – doing impersonations of animals lol but that’s another story.

The Sianos have a little vineyard in Asti just about 80 km from Milan.  They grow all their own vegetables organically and also they have an olive grove in Naples where the family originally hails from.  They are completely obsessed with food and totally inspired me with their passion for simple cooking and amazing flavour.

In my Italian Class I use this inspiration and on arrival there will be some lovely Antipasti.  Then we move onto putting together two simple but delicious salads which are classics of Italy.  A Caprese and a Bresaola Salad.  Next is a pasta dish called Bucatini al’Amatriciana , followed by a meat dish of Saltimbocca alla Romana.  We finish off with two classic desserts of Pannacotta and raspberries and an Affogatto.

The common thread through the night will be simplicity and flavour.  Anyone can cook this feast – it’s so easy but will impress anyone you recreate it for.

If you decide to book this class then be sure to come hungry as we eat each course as we go along (full portion per person) and there will be lots of chatting.  The class is a mixture of demonstration and hands on.

Full recipes will be given on the night and I will tell you where to get any specialist Italian ingredients- they are all available locally.

All that’s left is mangia, mangia!

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